Metal lockers

Metal cabinets and lockers.

Reliable, functional, aesthetic – basic features describing our furniture. The lockers are made of high quality material. They are resistant to mechanical  damage and harsh environmental conditions. Depending on the chosen standard, we offer models based on furniture board or metal. For the construction of some of our models we utilized materials enhanced with an additional protective galvanised layer.


Furniture with a wide variety of applications.

We present a wide selection of equipment for rooms of different purposes. We care for a high aesthetic level which makes our metal lockers an additional decoration of the interior.


Office cabinets

Our office cabinets, which meet the high requirements of contemporary users, stand out for their well conceived design. Our solutions include specialized furniture tailored to specific purposes –  storage of  maps, files, records. We offer metal structures in several size and colour options. The front panels are equipped with practical locks preventing unauthorised access. The component design incorporates practical technical solutions such as sliding doors and modern rails. 

Available models:

  • office cabinets
  • storage cabinets for maps
  • storage cabinets for records

Changing room lockers

These metal lockers, adjusted to the requirements of social rooms, have a special structure. Our offer includes practical solutions for storing clothes as well as personal belongings. The components may be utilized in production plants, schools, service facilities (e.g. swimming pools). We also offer deposit box models and very practical soiled clothing hampers.
All models are made of strong metal sheet and some of them are enhanced with galvanisation. Their structure can withstand even harsh environmental conditions.

Available models:

Workshop lockers

Designed for specialised use, the metal lockers stand out due to their distinctive structure. The furniture made for storage of tools or computer hardware is manufactured using strong materials which provide extra durability. The design incorporates special locks to prevent unauthorised access. We offer solutions based on different interior layouts. They are therefore suitable for different users’ specific needs.

Available models: