Mobile Racks

Accessories and additional elements

For your convenience, our offer includes an assortment of additional elements available for purchase along with our racks, which will facilitate their day-to-day operation.
We offer:
  • various types of metal separators (L and T) and wire separators which prevent the documents from sliding on the shelves,
  • front panel tags (standard) and additional tags to be placed on the shelves,
  • transparent tags installed upon request,
  • additional panels behind the shelves which prevent documents such as envelopes or thin folders from sliding onto the adjacent shelf,
  • special wire separators installed in sliding racks,
  • sliding or standard doors installed to ensure safety of storage contents, roller doors in special cases,
  • sliding desktops – facilitating work
  • rubber seals installable on the front panel or along the entire length to seal it and provide dust protection,
  • you can also order a special design (company logo) for the front panel which will make a complete unit when all the racks are closed,
  • painting hooks (different types) – tailored to your needs,
  • flooring to even out the surface between the rails.

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