Mobile Racks

Racks for hanging files

Archive organisation presents an exceptionally challenging logistic task for many entrepreneurs. First of all, it requires adapting a suitable room where the files can be stored in an orderly and safe manner. In such cases, our mobile racks present the best possible solution as they will help to store documents such as hanging files with company documentation or personnel files.
The furniture systems manufactured by Silesia Meble enable a practical and most economical use of the available space. Therefore, our mobile sliding racks offer a truly outstanding solution: moving on special rails they allow you to save up to 80% of the available space, which would otherwise be occupied by a traditional furniture arrangement. The combination of modern technology, suitable construction and the best materials produced systems that merge an elegant appearance and the maximum functionality. Each module can be easily moved. The locking mechanism provided prevents any accidental movement.
Advantages that make our mobile racks stand out:
  • ease of operation (sliding does not require much strength),
  • aesthetic appearance (suitable for every room),
  • tailored size (bespoke systems manufactured for individual orders),
  • durability (they remain functional after many years),
  • safety (each module fitted with an effective locking mechanism),
  • individually customised – rail installation according to Customer's requirements (one of three available options).

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