Mobile Racks

Racks for storing paintings

Those systems are designed for museums, archives, art galleries and private clients who are passionate about visual arts. The mobile racks for paintings are particularly useful for safe storage of artworks, at the same time allowing for effective archive organisation. The furniture construction enables the storage of artworks of different dimensions, so both the standard and non-standard paintings will be secured appropriately.


Convenience and functionality

Modern sliding racks suitable for storage of paintings are installed on special rails. The rail systems are installed in the archive room. We offer the following rail installation options:

  • Surface option - rails are fitted on the floor surface, with additional galvanised ramps installed
  • surface option with particle board - rails are fitted on the floor surface with particle board utilised to even out the surface
  • embedded in the floor


We have also made sure that the racks can be used in a convenient and safe manner. For that reason each module is fitted with a locking mechanism to minimise the risk of any accidental movement on the rails.
The furniture we offer is made of heavy duty metal sheet, exceptionally resistant to the wear and tear of daily use. In addition, the constructions of individual modules is designed to provide air circulation favourable for the paintings and optimised conditions for their storage in archives.

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