Mobile Racks

Changing room racks

Modern sliding racks designed for changing rooms allow for economical organisation of the interiors and ensure their maximum functionality. They are furniture systems of extraordinary functionality, which makes them perfect for small spaces as well as spacious halls. Importantly, they facilitate clothing storage. Traditional storage systems would take up to 80% more space, but our designs make it possible to install elegant and practical solutions in changing rooms.

Tailored to your needs

The unquestionable advantage of our offer is the design flexibility to address any specific Customer requirements. The sliding racks are made to individual order specifications, ensuring a suitable rail installation option. All elements of our furniture systems are made of durable materials, such as metal sheet. The racks are moved by using a special crank wheel – the solution does not require the user to expend much force. The heavy duty bearings also facilitate convenient use the system. A locking mechanism enables the blocking of each individual module, preventing its unintended movement along the rails. This solution facilitates easy and convenient access to clothing.
In case of architecturally non-standard interiors, we can adapt our projects by providing custom indentations or cuts, enabling the installation of a modern furniture system in the room in question.

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