Mobile Racks

Racks for books and documents

Our mobile racks, due to their modern sliding system, present a perfect solution for spaces requiring smart solutions. They allow for economical use of the available space and provide safe storage for your collections, while enabling easy access.

The sliding racks provide an ideal solution for libraries, as well as commercial and private archives. They are heavy duty, made of materials offering exceptional resistance to strong mechanical impact. They do not bend under the heavy storage load and they resist deformation. Thanks to their module-based construction, they can be used to create systems which may be fully adapted to the size of the room in question.
Silesia Meble offers you the opportunity to optimise the functionality of your archive rooms and to arrange them in a safe manner. Every mobile rack we offer is fitted with a special locking mechanism which prevents accidental movement of the racks along the rails.
We would also like to draw your attention to the flexibility of our solutions. All projects are carried out based the measurements taken in the room where the system will be installed, thus ensuring it is fully adapted to its particular requirements. We stress the high importance of aesthetics in the manufacture process – our furniture ideally complements the interior of archive rooms. The systems are very elegant.

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